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Spitze Spirituals und Spirits

Weeklong series of music and performances

in Isotop, Pohlstraße 64, 10785 Berlin

april postkarten

Good evening!

It feels like light-years, but actually, Au Topsi Pohl is there since not even a year. At the time of the corona-barricade we count over 220 concerts. That is at least five concerts per week. The extreme intensity of the regular and ongoing activities has allowed for a small but lovely artistic pandemic in itself. The continuous exchange of ideas, between the musicians, the listeners, has gone viral in the good sense. We would like to continue being part of this beautiful maladie. But at the time we have to deal with another type of infection…

Like many other places, we have closed our doors and canceled all planned concerts and events. Now we find ourselves in the peculiar situation asking our friends, audience, musicians and supporters for help to withstand during the period we are not allowed to be open. Who knows how long this will go on? 

Therefore a fundraiser! Its aim is to cover monthly basic costs as well as for us to build up a better administration for promoting our activities. The corona times allow us to focus getting organised. We also plan for important technical upgrades to permit easier ways of recording, amplifying, as well as presenting records for sale. When we reopen we will be even better prepared to keep listening, present and share incredible moments of the highly infected (in the good sense) Berlin cultural scene. This fundraiser is at the bottom line there to support the musicians and artists making this possible!

Please help us keeping the big and spitze Au Topsi family alive until we are allowed to open again.

The first "ThankYouDrink" will be on us at the re-opening party!

We would also like to extend our thanks to those who realised the severity of the problem earlier than us and donated money before the fundraiser was launched. You are fantastic!

We'll let you know how things are going. 

We hope you are safe and sound!

Joel, Franziska, Antonio, Mara, Laura und Veronica

March 3-28 2020 (Tuesdays-Saturdays all month of March)

MARSMUSIK - KneipenOper, täglich anders operiert. 

Inszeniert durch: Antonio Borghini, Joel Grip, Franziska Hoffmann, Marie Takahashi, Prune Bécheau, Simon Sieger, Pierre Borel, Niklas Fite, Steve Heather und andere Gäste.

Marsmusik ist ein einmonatiges Event.
Operiert in einer kleinen, familiären Bar in Schöneberg, werden Handlungen, Lieder und Charaktere täglich frisch aufgetischt. Eine Kneipenoper, die den Bogen über einen Monat spannt und sich fragt wie man Geschichten inszeniert.

Eine seltsame Zeit Gelegenheit miteinander zu verbringen!

Marsmusik is a month long event processing the idea of an Opera in a small bar in Schöneberg. Staged, composed and performed by an international cast of uncompromising improvisers.

Tuesday March 31 2020


Nicolas Schulze (piano)

Alexander Beierbach (tenor/soprano saxophone)

Ceren Oykut (live illustration)

Yuko Matsuyama (voice, movement).
While the musicians play and move in complete black, the live illustrator uses her brush in the darkness and interprets the sounds and movement scenarios as a landscape through her live black-and-white drawing.

Wednesday - Friday April 1-3 2020

Gnawa Nights

With Rachid Lamouri, Yassin Charbatli, Mustafa Hamid, Shingo Ali, Kei Nomura.

Saturday April 4 2020

Reanimation Orchestra

Elo Masing, Violine
Jack Adler-McKean, Tuba
Guilherme Rodrigues, Cello
Caroline Cecilia Tallone, Drehorgel
Ame Zek, Gitarre, Elektronik
Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, Klarinetten
Marie Takahashi, Bratsche

New Work from the series Bird Music for Trees, written for Reanimation Orchestra.

Tuesday April 7 2020

Night of Flamenco

Siri Salminen, Tanz
Henna-Elise Selkälä, Tanz

Johannes Hoffmann, Guitar

Juan Cárdenas, voice

Wednesday - Thursday April 8-9 2020

Two nights of interlacing duos curated by Biliana Voutchkova

Each night will consist of two sets of interlacing duos. 

Each set will consist of three players/three duos playing without a brake.

Each of the duos will play around 15-20 minutes, “passing the ball” to the next player. 

Those two nights are part of Biliana's sequence of duo concerts Duos2020, 

taking place throughout the year at various locations / countries. 

April 8

set 1: Marie Takahashi - viola, Emilio Gordoa - vibraphone/percussion, Biliana Voutchkova - violin 

set 2: Chris Hennan - contrabass clarinet, Robin Hayward - microtonal tuba, Biliana Voutchkova - violin 

April 9

set 1: Andrea Parkins - accordion/electronics, Miako Klein - block flutes, Biliana Voutchkova - violin 

set 2: Andrew Lafkas - bass, Bryan Eubanks - electronics, Markus Pesonen - guitar, Biliana Voutchkova - violin 

Friday April 10 2020


Philipp Schmickl stellt die neue Ausgabe vor.

Es werden alle noch vorhandenen Ausgaben zum Schmökern und käuflichen Erwerb aufliegen.



Sven-Åke Johansson, Solo für Hi-Hat
Philipp Quehenberger, synthesizer
Didi Kern, drums

Saturday April 11 2020

An evening curated by saxophonist Markus Krispel


Caroline Cecilia Tallone - hurdy-gurdy, violin, melodeon, amplified objects

Lara Jones - Soprano Saxophone (GB)

Markus Krispel - Alto & Tenor Saxophone


Conny Bauer - bass trombone

Szilveszter Miklós - drums & percussion

Tuesday - Wednesday April 14-15 2020

Heval trio
Mevan Younes, Buzuq
Hogir Göregen, Percussion
Mikail Yakut, Accordion

Anatolian old and new music

Thursday - Saturday April 16-18 2020

Mahall - Rupp - Tom

Rudi Mahall, clarinets
Olaf Rupp, guitar
Kaspar Tom, drums

3 nights with 3 master improvisers at work!

Tuesday - Saturday April 21-25 2020

Marina Džukljev, piano

Pianist and improviser from Serbia Marina Džukljev curates 5 nights of encounters

with some of Berlins bests!

Among others Rieko Okuda, Marcelo Bussato, Mia Dyberg, Christof Kurzmann, Michael Griener, Korhan Erel, Raed Yassin, Michael Thieke, Antti Virtaranta, Markus Krispel, and Joel Grip.

Full programm coming up.

Tuesday - Wednesday April 28-29 2020

Mike Reed, drums

Mike Reed, master drummer and improviser from Chicago, will curate 2 concerts playing with some of the finest player in town. 

Thursday April 30 2020



Friday - Saturday May 1-2 2020

Two evenings of music organised by duo:

Martin Küchen - saxophones

Torsten Müller - double bass

On May 2nd guest will be Sven-Åke Johannson



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