Au Topsi Pohl is the organism behind the cultural content at the bar Isotop in Berlin-Schöneberg. We try to bring back the function and quality of live imaginative music and performances, wine and visual art through weeklong series of events. Au Topsi Pohl propose space and time in effort to meet something else as well as to revisit what you thought you already knew.

Topsi Fest: in mid July Topsi is swedish and pitches its tent in Dala-Floda for a fantatopsic festival! More infos here.

Here are our opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday (Terrasse), 17-24 Uhr.

IMPORTANT: The concerts start at 20:00!We have 20 places for you! We are NOT doing reservations! So… come a bit earlier and get yours! Autopsi Terrasse is open from 17:00!
Please bring your Negative Corona Test, or your Vaccine Pass … (

Auf der Terrasse darfst du immer wiederhin saufen ohne Papiere.

Tipsy Topsi

  • Wochenprogramm 16.-19.06.21

    The incredible Mat Pogo is curating the concerts for this second post-lockdown Topsi-week!

    Wednesday June 16 

    1st set
    Joke Lanz – turntable, electronics
    JD Zazie – CD players, turntable,

    2nd set
    Joke Lanz – playback devices
    JD Zazie – playback devices
    Mat Pogo – playback devices

    Thursday June 17

    1st set
    Julian Bonequi – voice, percussion, electronics

    2nd set
    Roberta WJM Andreucci – CD players
    Julian Bonequi – voice, percussion, electronics
    Mat Pogo – voice, CD player, electronics
    Utku Tavil – percussions, electronics

    Friday June 18

    1st set 
    Seiji Morimoto – buzzers,objects 

    2nd set -Activity Center + Mat Pogo 
    Michael Renkel – strings and percussion 
    Burkhard Beins – percussion and strings 
    Mat Pogo – vocal

    Saturday June 19
    Antonio Borghini – double bass
    Mat Pogo – voice, electronics
    Delmore FX –  electronics

  • Topsi Fest

    Dala-Floda, Sweden
    22-25 Juli 2021

    The insisting bar of music Au Topsi Pohl packs up its odds and ends (including the house band Topsi Unter Haltung, the barkeepers and their spirits) and go for a drive up north to the land of Pippi Longstocking and Bergman to celebrate the joy and freedom of creating and sharing time and space together. Join us for the drama of becoming, again and again, for a 4-day and night fest in Dala-Floda. At least five concerts/performances per day, homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner included. The bar becomes a barn, and Pohlstrasse turns into the river Västerdalälven. Join us for a creative vacation after this crispy year!

    You will hear and see in various shapes and conditions:

    Topsi Unter Haltung [DE] (in a new Operette); Marie Takahashi, Prune Bécheau, Simon Sieger, Anil Eraslan, Franziska Hoffmann, Joel Grip, Antonio Borghini, Hogir Göregen. 

    Urs Graf [FR]
    the indescribable group of Prune Bécheau and Adrian Birkenstock-Bardi, with Gabriel Bristow and Simon Sieger

    Raymond Strid & Niklas Fite duo [SE]

    Niklas Barnö in trio or quartet, let’s see what he’ll come up with! [SE]

    Andreas Røysum, Egil Kalman, Anton Jonsson [NO]

    Hagvägen 107
    786 95, Dala-Floda

    Camping on site for free.
    Hotels other lodging and info:

    Presale super price for all concerts/performances and food (breakfast, lunch dinner): €150. Or €50 per day. 

  • Wochenprogramm 10.-12.06.21

    Donnerstag 10. Juni – 20:00 Uhr

    Liz Kosack – keyboards

    Dan Peter Sundland – bass

    Steve Heather – drums

    Jasper Stadhouders – guitar

    Freitag 11. Juni  – 20:00 Uhr


    Steve Heather – drums

    Antonio Borghini – bass

    Jasper Stadhouders – guitar

    Samstag 12. Juni –  20:00 Uhr

    1st set

    Joke Lanz – turntables

    Jasper Stadhouders – guitar

    2nd set

    Mat Pogo – voice

    Rieko Okuda – piano

    Joke Lanz – turntables

    Jasper Stadhouders – guitar

    WICHTIG: Drinnen kann man die Konzerte mit Negativem Test, Impfpass oder Nachweis für Genesen genießen.

  • Scharniere des Balkons

    Good afternoon!

    Nach einer schnellen Umstellung zu einer anderen surrealen “Normalität”, sind wir zurück mit Konzerten. Drinnen, mit Negativem Test, oder Ähnliches. 

    Auf der Terrasse darfst du immer wiederhin saufen ohne Papiere.

    Topsi Terrasse ist immer auf ab Dienstag bis Samstag – 17:00 bis 00:00
    Konzerte fangen um 20 Uhr an.

  • Japanese Flower

    LP presale, from our friends Umlaut Records
    Japanese Flower
    Pat Thomas (piano), Joel Grip (bass), Antonin Gerbal (drums)
    More info / listen / presale


  • Profonda Distrazione Positiva

    Get negativ and come on over to Topsi for a glass on the Terrasse – genieße das Auftauen!

    Here are our opening hours:
    Donnerstag, 20.5: Topsi Shop To Go 16-19 UHR.
    Freitag und Samstag, 21-22.5: Terrasse, 17-23 UHR.
    Ab nächste Woche (from next week and on): Dienstag – Samstag (Terrasse), 17-23 UHR.

    Um euch servieren zu können, braucht ihr einen frischen Negativ-Test, Impfung, oder etwas was eure Genesung bestätigt // to be served you need a fresh negativ-test, vaccination, or something that confirm your recovery. 

    For live music the thaw-politics still have ways to go. We’ll keep you postäd. 

    Tipsy Topsi

  • Topsi Series: ready…steady…go!

    Hello friends!

    Here are some news from the administrative bumble bee of your restless Topsis.
    Meanwhile the communicative desert is overwhelming us we’ve been working on making recordings of sounds, drawings of gestures and texts of thoughts available through our new label, Topsi Series, in collaboration with Umlaut Records – together we strive for sharing and making use of revolving and vaste music, its ideas and transformation. The records from Umlaut will be found in the growing in-house discotheque of Au Topsi Pohl, and vice versa, the Topsi Series productions will be presented through the worldwide window of Umlaut. This is a love affair with plenty of room for the unknown:

    3 Topsi Series releases (for more details see the Topsi Series page) :

    • LP : Cloud Reading Society by “Tristan Honsinger’s Hopscotch”
    • CD : When Will Never Meet by Antonio Borghini and Alexis Baskind + many fine Berlin musicians.
    • Book : Wander and Wonder by Tristan Honsinger and Joel Grip

    Release date : May 3rd 2021

    Now a super package deal of all three productions available for presale on Bandcamp – can’t beat that.

    Simultaneously, the as-restless-as-the-rest-of-the-restless-topsis Léa Lanoé, Anil Eraslan and Joel Grip made three wonderful films for the When Will Never Meet project (which was initially meant to be a “soundtrack of a non-existing movie” slowly becomes a “soundtrack of a an emerging movie”). Watch them here (Vimeo) or here (Youtube) and enjoy!

  • Spirits to go

    Au Topsi Pohl is open for spirituals and spirits to go on Thursday (13.5) and on Friday (14.5). 
    There will be records and books from Topsi Series, Umlaut, Cafe Oto, Bison and wine from Vin Sclet and Zeit für Wein (only in bottles this time).