Au Topsi Pohl is the organism behind the cultural content at the bar Isotop in Berlin-Schöneberg. We try to bring back the function and quality of live imaginative music and performances, wine and visual art through weeklong series of events. Au Topsi Pohl propose space and time in effort to meet something else as well as to revisit what you thought you already knew.

Here are our opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday (Terrasse), 18-24 Uhr.

Good evening or good morning. 
This is a message of celebration and change.
Let’s start from memory and remind us all that Au Topsi Pohl has existed for 3 years. Roughly 500 concerts and a hell of a lot of fun (among other things) we will celebrate this with a Topsi 3-year birthday party on Saturday 7.5 (before, meanwhile, and after the premier of Borghini’s Banquet of Consequences). Please join us for that. 

With love and determination we are also announcing the end to the Au Topsi Pohl activities at the bar Isotop. Saturday September 3rd – after a long summer of great music as usual –  will be our last evening and concert there. Au Topsi Pohl and its association will disappear for some time to regain focus and energy in effort of popping up with new scandalous ideas and objects in the future elsewhere. 
Guten Abend oder Guten Morgen. 
Dies ist eine Botschaft vom Feiern und von Veränderung.
Wir wollen feiern, dass es Au Topsi Pohl seit 3 Jahren gibt. 
Rund 500 Konzerte und verdammt viel Spaß (u.a.) sind Anlass euch am Samstag den 7.5.  zu einer Topsi-3-Jahres-Geburtstagsfeier einzuladen (vor, während und nach der Premiere von Borghinis Bankett der Konsequenzen). 

Mit Liebe und Entschlossenheit verkünden wir auch das Ende der Au Topsi Pohl Aktivitäten in der Bar Isotop. Am Samstag, den 3. September – nach einem langen Sommer mit großartiger Musik – werden wir dort zum letzten Mal ein Konzert geben. Danach werden Au Topsi Pohl und sein Verein für einige Zeit abtauchen, um sich neu zu fokussieren und Energie zu sammeln, um in Zukunft an anderer Stelle mit neuen skandalösen Ideen und Objekten aufzutauchen.

  • Programm 17.-21.05.22

    Dienstag 17.5 

    Christian Kühn – guitar/viola
    Frank Gratkowski – saxophone
    Tomaš Grom – bass
    Steve Heather – drums

    Mittwoch – Samstag 18-21.5

    اسم [ism]
    Pat Thomas – grand piano
    Joel Grip – bass violin
    Antonin Gerbal – batterie

    Live recording with a grand piano!!
    How will they fit on stage? (only that is a good reason to come check this trio out)

    Most people would describe اسم [ism] as trio, and you might agree as they walk on stage and reach their instruments. One. Two. Three. Then sounds: the counting is over, no trio but a field, a magnetic cornfield of sort. Spikes of absolute Present, cruelly patient, tickle your hips until you’ll forget how you got there. A priceless gift. The Au Topsi crew is delighted to present you the only ISM we entirely trust. Yes dear friends, you’ll be in good hands; enormous, endless hands. – Cetriolo Elefante

  • Programm 10.-14.05.22

    Tomaž Grom

    Tuesday 10.5.

    1st set
    Tomaž Grom – double bass, electronics, video

    2nd set
    Antti Virtaranta – double bass
    Anil Eraslan – cello
    Rieko Okuda – viola
    Tomaž Grom – double bass

    Wednesday 11.5.

    1st set
    Korhan Erel – electronics  
    Samo Kutin – hurdy gurdy
    Ute Wassermann – voice
    Tomaž Grom – double bass

    2nd set
    Axel Dörner – trumpet
    Zlatko Kaučič – drums
    Rieko Okuda – piano
    Tomaž Grom – double bass

    Thursday 12.5.

    1st set
    Burkhard Beins – percussion
    Samo Kutin – hurdy gurdy
    Ute Wassermann – voice
    Tomaž Grom – double bass

    2nd set
    Axel Dörner – trumpet
    Zlatko Kaučič – drums
    Joke Lanz – turntables
    Tomaž Grom – double bass

    Friday 13.5.

    2 sets
    Emilio Gordoa – vibraphone, percussion
    Frank Gratkowski – sax, clarinet
    Liz Allbee – trumpet
    Tomaž Grom – double bass

    Saturday 14.5.

    2 sets
    Irena Z. Tomažin – voice
    Matthias Müller – trombone
    Korhan Erel – electronics
    Tomaž Grom – double bass

    Travels financed by Slowenisches Kulturinformationszentrum, SKICA, Berlin

  • Programm 3.-7.05.22

    Tuesday 3.5.

           Eutalia de Carvalho – vocals, action
           Theo Jörgensmann – alto clarinet
           Edith Steyer – alto saxophone, clarinet, composition
           Horst Nonnenmacher – bass, composition
           Rieko Okuda – piano
           Sofia Borges – percussion , Eutalia

    Wednesday 4.5.

           Lorena Izquierdo – vocals
           Theo Jörgensmann – alto clarinet
           Edith, Steyer – alto saxophone, clarinet, composition
           Guido Kohn – cello
           Rieko Okuda – piano
           Sofia Borges – percussion

    Thursday 5.5. 

          Eutalia de Carvalho – vocals
          Rieko Okuda – piano
          Hui Chun Lin – cello
          Horst Nonnenmacher – bass, composition

    Friday 6.6 and Saturday 7.5
    Banquet of Consequences

    Premier! New Group of Antonio Borghini
    Pierre Borel – alto sax
    Tobias Delius – tenor sax, clarinet
    Rieko Okuda – piano
    Anil Eraslan – cello
    Antonio Borghini – bass violin
    Steve Heather – drums

    + 3 year birthday party of Au Topsi Pohl!!

  • Programm 26.-30.04.22

    Carl-Ludwig Hübsch

    26.4. Dienstag

    Carl Ludwig Hübsch – Tuba, Stimme
    Mazen Kerbaj – Trompete, Objekte
    Ute Wassermann – Stimme

    27.4. Mittwoch

    John Edwards – Kontrabass
    Emilio Gordoa – Perkussion
    Carl Ludwig Hübsch – Tuba, Stimme
    Miako Klein – Blockflöte

    28.4. Donnerstag

    Carl Ludwig Hübsch – Tuba, Stimme
    Dag Magnus – Schlagzeug
    Rudi Mahall – Bassklarinette
    Alexander von Schlippenbach – Klavier

    29.4. Freitag

    Liz Allbee – Trompete
    Elio Amberg – Saxophon
    Carl Ludwig Hübsch – Tuba, Stimme
    Almut Kühne – Stimme

    30.4. Samstag

    Carl Ludwig Hübsch – Tuba, Stimme
    Achim Kaufmann – Piano
    Matthias Schubert – Saxophon
    Wolter Wierbos – Posaune

  • Programm 19.-23.04.22

    She is here. We’ve tried long time to get Marina Džukljev for a week of Topsi full scale entertainment, and finally we will be able to enjoy the all withstanding touch of tone and figure heralding Marina’s close encounters with Börek and bus-rides opening and closing Novi Sad’s momentum of drills and thrills. As sidewinders encounters she’ve chosen a thorough concussion of bouncy but stunned sardines from Spree.

    Dienstag 19.04.

    Felix Henkelhausen, double bass
    Marcello Busato, drums
    Jasper Stadhouders, guitar
    Chris Pitsiokos, sax
    Marina Džukljev, piano

    Mittwoch 20.04.

    Elena Kakaliagou, french horn
    Michael Thieke, clarinet
    Korhan Erel, electronics
    Marina Džukljev, piano

    Donnerstag 21.04.

    Michael Griener, drums
    Christian Weber, bass, 
    Marina Džukljev, piano
    Mia Dyberg, sax
    Markus Krispel, sax
    Dirar Kalash, sax, oud

    Freitag 22.04.

    Ute Wasserman, voice
    Elisabeth Coudoux, cello 
    Marina Džukljev, piano
    Rudi Fisherlehner, drums

    Samstag 23.04.

    Raed Yassin, electronics
    Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba
    Tony Buck, drums
    Marina Džukljev, piano
    Rieko Okuda, piano
    Antti Virtaranta, bass

  • Programm 12.-16.04.22

    curated by Jukka Kääriäinen (FI) & Girilal Baars (SE)

    Dienstag 12.4

    Girilal Baars – voice, Jukka Kääriäinen – guitar, Rieko Okuda – piano, Antti Virtaranta – double bass

    Mittwoch 13.4

    Kriton Beyer – daxophone, Jukka Kääriäinen – guitar, Richard Scott – modular synths, Yorgos Dimitriadis – drums
    – Girilal Baars – voice TBA

    Donnerstag 14.4

    Brad Henkel – trumpet, Jukka Kääriäinen – guitar
    – Girilal Baars – voice, Beat Keller – guitar

    Freitag 15.4

    Tony Buck – drums, Jukka Kääriäinen – guitar, Harri Sjöström – saxophone
    – Girilal Baars -voice, Eric Bauer – electronics

    Samstag 16.4

    Emilio Gordoa – vibraphone, Jukka Kääriäinen – guitar, Mat Pogo – voice
    – Girilal Baars – voice, Guilherme Rodriguez – cello

  • Programm 5.-9.04.22

    Curated by Margaux Oswald – Pianist from the alps of Denmark

    Dienstag 5.4

    Frank Gratkowski – Saxophone
    Michael Griener – Drums
    Margaux Oswald – Piano
    Christian Weber – Double Bass

    Mittwoch 6.4

    Willi Kellers – Drums
    Alexander Frangenheim – Double Bass
    Sture Ericson – Saxophone
    Margaux Oswald – Piano

    Donnerstag 7.4

    Sture Ericson – Saxophone
    Oliver Steidle – Drums
    Margaux Oswald – Piano
    Joel Grip – Double Bass

    Freitag 8.4

    Alexander Frangenheim – Double Bass
    Michael Griener – Drums
    Sture Ericson – Saxophone
    Axel Dörner – Trumpet
    Margaux Oswald – Piano

    Samstag 9.4

    1st Set:
    Margaux Oswald – Piano
    Harri Sjöström – Saxophone

    2nd Set:
    Hein Westgaard – Guitar
    Tobias Delius – Saxophone
    Margaux Oswald – Piano

  • Programm 29.03.-02.04.22

    Melodies for lovers, Obst, and Moor

    Dienstag 29.3

    2 Toyboys play “Melodies for Lovers”

    Zoran Terzic  –  Piano/Synth
    Jan Leipnitz   –  Drums/Kram

    Mittwoch 30.3

    2 Toyboys + 1 play “Melodies for Lovers”

    Zoran Terzic  –  Piano/Synth
    Jan Roder   –  Bass
    Jan Leipnitz  –   Drums

    Donnerstag 31.3

    2 Toyboys + 2 play “Melodies for Lovers”

    Rudi Mahall  –  Clarinets
    Zoran Terzic  –  Piano/Melodica
    Jan Roder  –  Bass
    Jan Leipnitz  –  Drums

    Freitag 1.4

    Mann aus Obst

    Edith Steyer (Saxophone, Performance), Jessica Renfro (Voice, Digital Performance), Kindred Gottlieb (Performance, Lighting Design, Sculpture), Maja von Kriegstein (Driver of the Bus, Piano, Performance), Maryna Makarenko (Video, Performance), Vinicius Giusti (Sounddesign, Electronics, Performance), Wieland Möller (Drumset, Percussion, Performance)

    Samstag 2.4

    Set 1 
    Andy Moor – Guitar  
    Sara Persico voice /electronics   

    set 2 
    Andy Moor -guitar  
    Tony Buck – Drums 
    Genevieve Murphy – voice, bagpipes, electronics 

  • Programm 22.-26.03.22

    Luca Venitucci and you and the night and the music

    Dienstag 22.3

    Mazen Kerbaj – trumpet
    Tony Buck – drums
    Luca Venitucci – accordion, piano

    Mittwoch 23.3

    set 1
    Annette Krebs – konstruktion#4
    Luca Venitucci – accordion

    set 2
    Michael Thieke – clarinet
    Burkhard Beins – percussion
    Luca Venitucci – accordion

    Donnerstag 24.3

    Mat Pogo – voice
    Antonio Borghini – bass
    Steve Heather – drums
    Luca Venitucci – accordion, piano

    Freitag 25.3

    set 1
    Luca Venitucci – piano, accordion, voice (solo)
    set 2
    Axel Dörner – trumpet
    Ignaz Schick – turntables, electronics
    Luca Venitucci – accordion, piano

    Samstag 26.1

    set 1
    Michael Renkel – acoustic guitar
    Luca Venitucci – accordion
    set 2
    Sabine Vogel – flute
    Emilio Gordoa – vibraphone
    Luca Venitucci – accordion

  • Programm 15.-19.03.22

    Revuelta Series

    Tuesday 15th

    Lara Alarcon (voice, electronics) + Zustand D (clarinet, electronics)

    Sofia Salvo (baritone sax) + Caroline Cecilia Tallone (hurdy gurdy)

    Wednesday 16th

    Auguste Vickunaite (electronics)

    Sofia Borges (drums) + Rieko Okuda (piano) + Lorena Izquierdo (voice in action)

    Thursday 17th

    Revuelta de ave (Sofia Salvo b sax + Lorena Izquierdo voice in action)

    Siri Salminen (movement) + Isabel Espichicoque Anders (piano)

    Friday 18th

    Silke Eberhard (sax) + Celine Voccia (electronics)

    Birgit Ulher (trumpet) + Lorena Izquierdo (voice in action)

    Sofia Salvo (baritone sax) + Simone Weissenfels (piano)

    Saturday 19th

    1st set:
    Dirar Kalash – soprano saxophone
    Sofia Salvo – baritone saxophone

    2nd set:
    Dirar Kalash – electric guitar
    Sam Hall – drums

  • Programm 8.-12.03.22

    Chris Pitsiokos – sax

    Dienstag 8.3

    Two Solos: Chris Pitsiokos (alto saxophone) and Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet)

    Mittwoch 9.3

    Solo Solo Duo: Chris Pitsiokos (alto saxophone) and Axel Dörner (trumpet)

    Donnerstag 10.3  

    Sofia Salvo Solo (baritone saxophone) and Chris Pitsiokos (alto saxophone) / Tim Dahl (electric bass) / Lukas Koenig (drums) Trio

    Freitag 11.3

    Chris Pitsiokos (alto saxophone) / Carina Khorkhordina (trumpet) / Eric Bauer (electronics)

    Samstag 12.3

    Chris Pitsiokos (alto saxophone) / Antti Virtaranta (bass) / Emilio Gordoa (vibraphone)

  • Programm 1.-5.03.22

    Mia Dyberg / Matthias Müller

    Dienstag 1.3

    Joel Grip – double bass
    Willi Kellers – drums
    Matthias Müller – trombone
    Mia Dyberg – alto saxophone

    Mittwoch 2.3

    Sam Hall – drums
    Rieko Okuda – piano
    Matthias Müller – trombone

    Donnerstag 3.3  

    Okuda/Dyberg feat Steve Heather
    Steve Heather- drums
    Mia Dyberg – alto saxophone
    Rieko Okuda – piano

    Freitag 4.3

    MM Squared Session
    Matthias Muche – trombone
    Matthias Müller – trombone

    André Vida – saxophone
    Steve Heather – drums
    Mia Dyberg – alto saxophone

    Samstag 5.3

    Tom Arthurs – trumpet
    Christian Marien – drums
    Antti Virtaranta – double bass
    Mia Dyberg – alto saxophone
    Matthias Müller – trombone

  • Programm 22.-26.02.22


    Lukas Koenig (drums/electronics)
    Julien Desprez (guitar/electronics)
    Audrey Chen (voice/electronics)

    TUE FEB 22:

    + FARIDA AMADOU (bass)

    WED FEB 23:


    THU FEB 24:

    + KAFFE MATTHEWS (electronics)

    FRI FEB 25:

    + LUCY RAILTON (cello)
    RABIH BEANI (electronics)

    SAT FEB 26:

    MOPCUT +
    ANDREA PARKINS (amplified objects/electronics)
    RAED YASSIN (electronics)

  • Programm 15.-19.02.22

    Dienstag bis Donnerstag 15.-17.2.

    (live recording)
    Hannes Lingens – drums
    Antonio Borghini – bass
    Louis Laurain – trumpet
    Pierre Borel – saxophone

    Freitag 18.2

    Grgur Savic (as,cl, obj, el)
    Rieko Okuda (p)
    Richard Scott (mod)
    Samuel Hall (dr, obj, prep)
    Sanja Star (vis)

    Samstag 19.2

    Grgur Savic (as,cl obj, el)
    Henrik Munkbey Nørstebø (trb)
    Richard Scott (mod)
    Isabel Rößler (b)
    Sofia Borges (dr, obj)
    Sanja Star (vis)

    How high the moon hides the bands not running for the caravan, and thus, remarkably so, nevertheless finding a way to fall through the jitter. Die Hochstapler is a band like that. It has been long that they stand ready for the great attempt of playing and transforming the freedom into ingredients of the soup next door. It is damn time that we meet up for a drink listening to these lullabies humming into the darkness of the inner ear microphone joy.

    Otherwise we’ll switch the pitch on Friday and Saturday. The project of Grgur and Sanja attacks us on at least 3 dimensions and flatten us widescreen with guests’ electromagnetic fields of slide machines and cables in undone reactor glitch and solder.

    A week of serenaders of serenity. 

    Wie hoch der Mond die Bands verbirgt, die nicht der Karawane hinterherlaufen, und so bemerkenswerterweise doch einen Weg finden, durch das Zittern zu fallen. Die Hochstapler sind so eine Band. Längst stehen sie bereit für den großen Versuch, zu spielen und die Freiheit in Zutaten für die Suppe von nebenan zu verwandeln. Es ist verdammt an der Zeit, dass wir uns auf einen Drink treffen und diesen Schlafliedern lauschen, die in die Dunkelheit des Innenohrmikrofons Freude brummen.

    Ansonsten tauschen wir den Platz am Freitag und Samstag. Das Projekt von Grgur und Sanja greift uns jenseits von 2 Dimensionen an und plättet uns mit den elektromagnetischen Feldern der Gäste aus Diapositiven und Kabeln in undone reactor glitch und solder.

    Eine Woche der Stimmungsmacher der Gelassenheit. 

  • Programm 8.-12.02.22

    The palimpsest takes the face of Dirar Kalash, and the fungi spread its true wine of surprise in the voice of freude frej and friends. And to all concerts this week there might be guest star appearances at any stolen moment. Also the Special Drinks of last week are still on sale. Remember the Cecil Swift and join Au Topsi in its way out there. Cucumbers, bonbons and Indian snacks included.
    (Image above made by frødj and the grip –  see it live tomorrow tuesday).

    Dienstag 8.2

    frødj – vox and electronics
    chris pitsiokos – saxophone and electronics

    Mittwoch 9.2

    Dirar Kalash – saxophone & piano
    Steve Heather – drums
    Antonio Borghini – bass
    Frank Gratkowski – saxophone

    Donnerstag 10.2

    1. Set
    Dirar Kalash – electric guitar
    Rieko Okuda – piano
    2. Set
    Dirar Kalash – piano
    Andrew Lafkas – bass

    Freitag 11.2

    1. Set
    Dirar Kalash – electric guitar
    Jasper Stadhouders – electric guitar
    2. Set
    Dirar Kalash – electronics
    Sofia Borges – percussion & electronics

    Samstag 12.2

    Dirar Kalash – modular synth 
    Raed Yassin – electronics

  • Programm 1.-5.02.22

    Dienstag 1.2

    Tomomi Adachi – voice + electronics
    Nikolaus Neuser – trumpet
    Nicola Hein – guitar
    Antti Virtaranta – bass

    Mittwoch 2.2

    JD Zazie – playback devices
    Antti Virtaranta – bass

    Dr. Nexus – voice
    Antti Virtaranta – bass

    Adam Goodwin – yayli tanbur + guitar
    Antti Virtaranta – bass
    Borys Slowikowski – percussion

    Donnerstag 3.2

    Mateusz Rybicki – sax + clarinet
    Antti Virtaranta – bass
    Sam Hall – drums

    Freitag 4.2

    Mat Pogo – voice
    Antti Virtaranta – bass
    Marcello Busato -drums

    Mateusz Rybicki – sax + clarinet
    Brad Henkel – trumpet
    Rieko Okuda – piano

    Samstag 5.2

    Alberto Cavenati – guitar
    Antti Virtaranta – bass
    Quentin Cholet – drums

    Matthias Müller – trombone
    Antti Virtaranta – bass

    Our Barmann of the week, 
    Monsieur Verlierer von Marseille,
    curates the daily cure!

    Every night a different special drink on discount!
    Every night the finger food to match the drink!
    Every night a musical atmosphere that fits the mood!

    >From 17UHR and on and on and on!


    Tuesday 1.2:
    From Russia to Senegal
    (Vodka and Senegalese touba coffee)
    Pickled cucumbers and dry fruits
    Traditional music from Russia to Senegal

    Wednesday 2.2:
    Pastis (Ricard from Marseille)
    Authentic peanuts
    Music from the Mediterranean

    Thursday 3.2:
    Kir (white wine and black currant liquor)
    Carrot and cèleri sticks
    Enrique Caruso

    Friday special, 4.2:
    Straight and Chaser
    Picon Bière (bitter orange liquor mixed in beer) OR Beer and whisky shot
    Salted fried corn
    Rhythm’n Blues

    Saturday 5th:
    Incredible Climax of the shaking dreads
    (the Barmann apologizes for his absence between 19:00 and 23:00 pm due to a last minute event – so be sure to be there at 17UHR to meet him in person) 
    Mistery drink containing extremely expensive and mind blowing ingredients
    Mistery food revealing the true identity of hidden childhood
    Mistery music of the true shaking dreads prophet of ivory and ebony.

    Don’t miss it, because we might!

    Every night remember to participate in the cadavre exquis that will be published in the next day’s Zum Bulle!

    BANZAI !!!

    exhibition by Joel Grip

    Every day between 17-19UHR:
    – a painting made the same day is brought to Topsi (probably sticky oil color).
    – the painting is nailed at a place on the wall defined by democratic and undemocratic collective decision making. 
    – drinks and snacks will be served in custom to normal vernissage behaviours
    – well rehearsed (as if spontaneous) artist talks, and q&a’s, and string trios, and uncomfortable talks on art and money will be presented as if we were actually not here to simply get a drink for free.

    Guest appearances by at least Haydn, Ellen Musk, Dr Mistlejoke and Erdogan.

  • Programm 25.-29.01.22

    Curated by Edoarda Marraffa

    Dienstag 25.1

    Joel Grip – bass
    Michael Thieke – clarinet
    Edoardo Marraffa – saxophones

    Mittwoch 26.1

    Jasper Stadhouders – guitar
    Antonio Borghini – bass
    Steve Heather – drums
    Edoardo Marraffa – saxophones

    Donnerstag 27.1 

    Jasper Stadhouders – guitar
    Antonio Borghini – bass
    Steve Heather – drums
    Edoardo Marraffa – saxophones

    Freitag 28.1

    Willi Kellers – drums
    Klaus Kürvers – bass
    Edoardo Marraffa – saxophones

    Samstag 29.1

    Olaf Rupp – guitar
    Matthias Bauer – bass
    Rudi Fischerlehner drums
    Edoardo Marraffa saxophones


    upcoming Topsi

    February 1-5: curated by Antti Virtaranta
    February 8-12: curated by Oli Steidle
    February 15-17: Die Hochstapler
    February 18-19: Pitchshifting
    February 22-26: Mopcut

  • Programm 18.-22.01.22

    Tuesday – Saturday 18-22.1 2022

    Curated by Nicolas Schulze

    DIENSTAG 18. Januar
    Yuko Matsuyama – Voice, Movement
    Ceren Oykut – Live Illustration
    Alexander Beierbach – Saxophon
    Nicolas Schulze – Piano

    MITTWOCH 19. Januar

    Sabine Vogel – Flöte
    Alex Nowitz – Voice
    Richard Koch – Trompete
    Nicolas Schulze – Piano

    DONNERSTAG 20. Januar

    TWIRLS modulated 
    Alexander Beierbach – Saxophon
    Nicolas Schulze – Piano
    Meinrad Kneer – Double Bass
    Yorgos Dimitriadis – Drums

    FREITAG 21. Januar

    Udo Koloska – Saxophon, Electronics
    Özgür Yılmaz – Double Bass
    Nicolas Schulze – Fender Rhodes Piano

    SAMSTAG 22. Januar

    Tomomi Adachi – Voice, Electronics 
    The Great Boredom
    Daniel Kartmann – Drums, Dulcimer
    Nicolas Schulze – Fender Rhodes Piano

  • Programm 11.-15.01.22

    Dienstag 11.01

    Christian Kühn – viola
    Rieko Okuda – viola
    Emilio Gordoa – vibraphone
    Rieko Okuda – piano

    Wednesday 12.01

    Marina Cyrino – flutes
    Matthias Koole – guitar

    Donnerstag 13.01

    QLH organ trio
    Luca Marini – drums
    Quentin Tolimieri – keyboards
    Han Earl Park – guitar
    feat. John Dikeman – sax

    Freitag 14.01

    Der lange Schatten

    Michael Thieke – clarinet
    Håvard Wiik – piano
    Antonio Borghini – bass

    Samstag 15.01

    Luca Marini – drums
    Kaja Draksler – piano
    John Dikeman – sax

  • Programm 4.-8.01.22

    Das Jahr hat begonnen. Wir satteln weiterhin die Wünsche für das Unvorhergesehene. Ein Galopp in viele Richtungen. Zugleich immer und nie pünktlich. Ein tiefgreifender Schwung zum Brüten. Genießen wir die Präzision der Versuche des Lernens und der Kommunikation. 

    Diese Woche bringen wir die Pferde zurück zu Topsi. Wir haben Filmpremieren, eine Plattenveröffentlichung und vielversprechende Verwirrungen. 

    Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

    Tuesday 4.1. 20:22Uhr 

    Film premier: “Långsamhetens Lov” (“Lob der Langsamkeit”)
    a film by Joel Grip and Sven-Åke Johansson
    40 minutes | 2017

    Anschliessend Gespräch, moderiert von Bo Wiget.
    Sven Åke Johanson & Joel Grip in conversation, moderated by Bo Wiget.

    Wednesday 5.1

    Concert curated by master percussionist Hogir Göregen
    Inner dancing in Tanzverbot times

    Thursday 6.1

    Movies & concert night
    Screening 3 Chapters of the fragmented movie in transformation “When will never meet – Inside Alean Schchtelkopf” 

    Spreekreisschiftfahrtsgesellschaftstouristenselfiestangenhauptknopf  by Anil Eraslan (2020)
    Über das Taubenproblem by Lea Lanoe (2020)
    Smalltalk über Zeit by Joel Grip (2020)

    Concert: Eponj presenting an anticipation of the soon to be released new album on Topsi series!

    Suzanne T.- viola & voice
    Anil Eraslan – cello & voice
    Antonio Borghini – bass & voice 

    Friday 7.1

    LP release concert! 

    Oùat live premier of the brand new LP “Elastic Bricks” on Topsi series

    Simon Sieger –  piano 
    Joel Grip – bass 
    Michael Griener – drums

    Saturday 8.1

    Movies & concert night

    Screening of 
    “Klub Demboh” by Lea Lanoe (2019)
    “Hit & run” by Anil Eraslan (2021)

    Unpredictable musical intermissions by members of Klub Demboh and performers involved in the Hit & run action!