Programm 17.-22.05.22

Dienstag 17.5 

Christian Kühn – guitar/viola
Frank Gratkowski – saxophone
Tomaš Grom – bass
Steve Heather – drums

Mittwoch – Samstag 18-21.5

اسم [ism]
Pat Thomas – grand piano
Joel Grip – bass violin
Antonin Gerbal – batterie

Live recording with a grand piano!!
How will they fit on stage? (only that is a good reason to come check this trio out)

Most people would describe اسم [ism] as trio, and you might agree as they walk on stage and reach their instruments. One. Two. Three. Then sounds: the counting is over, no trio but a field, a magnetic cornfield of sort. Spikes of absolute Present, cruelly patient, tickle your hips until you’ll forget how you got there. A priceless gift. The Au Topsi crew is delighted to present you the only ISM we entirely trust. Yes dear friends, you’ll be in good hands; enormous, endless hands. – Cetriolo Elefante

Sonntag 22.5 19h

Kaufmann/Gratkowski/de Joode

Achim Kaufmann – piano
Frank Gratkowski – reeds
Wilbert de Joode – bass

Gekaufte Karten über eventbite für den Jazzkeller 69 behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

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