Programm 19.-23.04.22

She is here. We’ve tried long time to get Marina Džukljev for a week of Topsi full scale entertainment, and finally we will be able to enjoy the all withstanding touch of tone and figure heralding Marina’s close encounters with Börek and bus-rides opening and closing Novi Sad’s momentum of drills and thrills. As sidewinders encounters she’ve chosen a thorough concussion of bouncy but stunned sardines from Spree.

Dienstag 19.04.

Felix Henkelhausen, double bass
Marcello Busato, drums
Jasper Stadhouders, guitar
Chris Pitsiokos, sax
Marina Džukljev, piano

Mittwoch 20.04.

Elena Kakaliagou, french horn
Michael Thieke, clarinet
Korhan Erel, electronics
Marina Džukljev, piano

Donnerstag 21.04.

Michael Griener, drums
Christian Weber, bass, 
Marina Džukljev, piano
Mia Dyberg, sax
Markus Krispel, sax
Dirar Kalash, sax, oud

Freitag 22.04.

Ute Wasserman, voice
Elisabeth Coudoux, cello 
Marina Džukljev, piano
Rudi Fisherlehner, drums

Samstag 23.04.

Raed Yassin, electronics
Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba
Tony Buck, drums
Marina Džukljev, piano
Rieko Okuda, piano
Antti Virtaranta, bass

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