Wochenprogramm 16.-19.06.21


The incredible Mat Pogo is curating the concerts for this second post-lockdown Topsi-week!

Wednesday June 16 

1st set
Joke Lanz – turntable, electronics
JD Zazie – CD players, turntable,

2nd set
Joke Lanz – playback devices
JD Zazie – playback devices
Mat Pogo – playback devices

Thursday June 17

1st set
Julian Bonequi – voice, percussion, electronics

2nd set
Roberta WJM Andreucci – CD players
Julian Bonequi – voice, percussion, electronics
Mat Pogo – voice, CD player, electronics
Utku Tavil – percussions, electronics

Friday June 18

1st set 
Seiji Morimoto – buzzers,objects 

2nd set -Activity Center + Mat Pogo 
Michael Renkel – strings and percussion 
Burkhard Beins – percussion and strings 
Mat Pogo – vocal

Saturday June 19
Antonio Borghini – double bass
Mat Pogo – voice, electronics
Delmore FX –  electronics

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