Programm 21.-25.9.21

Tristan Honsinger

A week with Tristan Honsinger

Our long gone samurai of dental floss swings back for a 5-day residency at dear old Topsi. Be prepared for sessions, concerts, workshops and exhibitions. All details below. 

Dienstag – Donnerstag 21.-23.9

Sessions with Tristan Honsinger (Cello, Voice).
The ensembles will be put together on the spot depending on who is there and asked to play. Come on out!

Freitag 24.9 

Tristan Honsinger & Joel Grip duo

Also known as Chaise and Chaiselongue, sitting down, laying down, pneumatic loading of mnemonic woods. 
Cello and Bass in order of size. 

Samstag 25.9

Hook, Line and Sinker

Also known as Sink, Line and Hooker, this long going quartet grasp the penance of the chlorophyll in algae having a cold. Musically speaking. 

Tristan Honsinger – cello
Tobias Delius – saxophone, clarinet
Axel Dörner – trumpet
Antonio Borghini – double bass


Three-day Workshop with Tristan Honsinger

Tuesday – Thursday 21.-23.9. 15-18Uhr
At Au Topsi Pohl. 
Reserve by writing us. 


Exhibition of Tristan Honsinger’s collages and Joel Grip drawings/paintings. 

Tuesday – Saturday 21-25.9
Vernissage on Friday 24.9, 18uhr (in connection to the concert with Chaise and Chaiselongue) as well as an official release party of the book Wonder & Wander.

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