Topsi Series: ready…steady…go!

Hello friends!

Here are some news from the administrative bumble bee of your restless Topsis.
Meanwhile the communicative desert is overwhelming us we’ve been working on making recordings of sounds, drawings of gestures and texts of thoughts available through our new label, Topsi Series, in collaboration with Umlaut Records – together we strive for sharing and making use of revolving and vaste music, its ideas and transformation. The records from Umlaut will be found in the growing in-house discotheque of Au Topsi Pohl, and vice versa, the Topsi Series productions will be presented through the worldwide window of Umlaut. This is a love affair with plenty of room for the unknown:

3 Topsi Series releases (for more details see the Topsi Series page) :

  • LP : Cloud Reading Society by “Tristan Honsinger’s Hopscotch”
  • CD : When Will Never Meet by Antonio Borghini and Alexis Baskind + many fine Berlin musicians.
  • Book : Wander and Wonder by Tristan Honsinger and Joel Grip

Release date : May 3rd 2021

Now a super package deal of all three productions available for presale on Bandcamp – can’t beat that.

Simultaneously, the as-restless-as-the-rest-of-the-restless-topsis Léa Lanoé, Anil Eraslan and Joel Grip made three wonderful films for the When Will Never Meet project (which was initially meant to be a “soundtrack of a non-existing movie” slowly becomes a “soundtrack of a an emerging movie”). Watch them here (Vimeo) or here (Youtube) and enjoy!

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